Sunday, December 7, 2008

Unurban Cafe 3.0 and 4.0

Unurban Cafe is filled with characters and class. Their iced tea with a shot of vanilla or caramel isn't too bad either. Join me there on a Friday night sometime for open mic. We'll draw the night away!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

BOND 11.28 : The Aftermath

Click the image to peep the phots! There aren't many!

I originally had some epic ideas for this aftermath post, but they are all gone. I'm convinced that 30ish is the magic number for BOND runs. Its a great amount of people, but not so many that its ultimate chaos. Thats not to say that I'll ever look down on 75+ turnouts. I'm just saying...

Everything was going smoothly and perfectly until 30 seconds before we started the first run, and the LAPD rolled up on us. Tim and I handled business as usual. The officer was reluctant to let us continue playing, but obliged, citing his concerns that we would generate a "prowler" call, or have some fresh young green police recruit drawing guns on us. He just didn't want to see anyone hurt.

As far as I know, neither of his concerns were justified that night. Both runs went smooth as ice.

In other game related news, I had one of my best nights as a driver. After we picked up a couple of guys early on, our car went on to dominate the "north manchester" run, scoring over 10 catches. David Ra (aka: chump) didnt find or catch a single person. MVP status removed. But thats enough for my personal stories of glory, you all have your own. Someone mentioned a web message board. Would you guys use it if I created one?

And a final note... don't be stupid assholes. I thought the "NO ALCOHOL" rule was for obvious reasons on the main page, but I guess it wasn't.

BOND is a sober game.

If you gotta get drunk or high, then don't come to the game. Save it for the after party or don't come at all. Our dealings with the police, and the continued success of the game hinges on the fact that we do it sober. All the police need to completely end this game is a good excuse. Linking some idiot DUI back to the game is all it will take.

Thanks. The night was great. I had a fucking blast.

Friday, November 28, 2008

11.28 BOND : Update!!!

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for all of you wonderful people who run around with me at night like a bunch of hoodlums. Here's where we're playing this wonderful Friday evening...

Art Meets Religion

Usually its ok to park in the Otis Lot, but since the school is closed for the holiday the lot might not be open. If that is the case, swing over to the BACK lot of Ralphs. Theres a marker on the Google map page. Its like a block away, you'll see people at one place or the other. From there we'll move to...

North Manchester

We'll regroup at the end Church, and make a quick jog across the street for the next run.

Forecast looks clear, but perhaps a bit chilly. Be prepared for some old school shit.

See you on the streets.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

11.29 BOND

11.29 BOND, originally uploaded by threeleggedcasey.

This coming Thursday, enjoy the warmth of that traditional yearly feast we lovingly know as Thanksgiving.

Wake up super early the next day to battle humanity for some unadulterated consumer whore debauchery.

Once you've blown your hard earned cash on all the wondrous mega-deals, come run around the darkened streets with a gang of hoodlums.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Maps coming soon. I'm thinking we gonna run near Otis. Thoughts are always welcome.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

BOND : 11.15 The Aftermath!!!

Click it to peep my photos from the night DUH!

As predicted, the newly scouted maps were quite the success. Thanks again to Jeff Mahachai for putting a lot of thought into these maps. As far as I know, everyone had a blast.

Our first mass pileup wipeout occurred no more than 10 seconds into the first run. Flesh met concrete in the ugliest way possible. Later, a massive tank like SUV with riveted spikes terrorized the hapless runners, its occupants hanging out the windows with the look of vengeance in their eyes. Its usually little sedans creeping around! I misjudged the size and complexity of the map and I think everyone would agree that Middleschool Madness needs to have a much tighter time limit. I'll work on that.

I had a fucking blast on the second map. As I had hoped, there was a massive encounter under the 405 at Military. Many unfortunate runners who decided to take it a little too easy at the start of the map met their doom under the brightly lit freeway overpass. Though many others continued on to be delighted by the stretch of abandoned train tracks that offered cover aplenty.

As usual, thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to the regulars who show up constantly. Thanks to those of you who brought a new friend. And thanks to you newbs for trusting us enough to give it a chance! This game doesn't happen without lots of people, and it really means alot to me that you kids keep showing up.

Finally, if anyone has photos they'd like to share, let me know!
My email and AIM are in my profile.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BOND : 11.15 Update!

Thanks to those of you who commented with your suggestions for maps. I've got a couple of new speculative places in the works. We've now got quite a few untested maps. But the big news...

We will be running two brand new maps scouted by Jeff Mahachai. They are going to be pretty fucking badass if you ask me. I'm pretty excited to say the least. Take a look.

Middleschool Madness

We're starting at the corner of Woodbine and Glendon. There should be plenty of streetparking anywhere across the street from Palms Middle on Woodbine. We'll end in a docking bay behind the Vons, regroup, then walk across the street to the next map.

The Overpass (aka : The Dark Railroad)

This map should promise to be intensely atmospheric to say the least.

That'll do it for now kiddos. If you're new to this, or are bringing someone new, make sure they read the rules. Thanks.

See you on the streets.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BOND : 11.15

11.15 BOND, originally uploaded by threeleggedcasey.

And the Lord said, "It shall be done"... and it was done.

Where do you guys want to play? Anyone?
I'm thinking about scouting new maps.
I desire your feedback.

dump 2.0

More stuff that probly would never have seen the light of day otherwise.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 California General Election

Here's how I voted today at the polls. I believe in transparency, and I think everyone should be talking about how they voted and why. So check it out.

If anyone wants to have a post-mortem about any of this political stuff, holler at me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

BOND 10.04 : The Aftermath

Photo by Roxy

Well kids, we had a solid turnout for the last run. Estimated head count of about 35. To be honest, it was a perfect number. Highlight of the evening was when the entire group squished into a tiny liquor store across from the hidden vons as it was closing on the stroke of midnight to sing happy bday to my lady "the Pix broad".

The night was filled with stealth, sweat, and intense tackles into street light lamp posts. The after party was sweet, and I hope that tradition continues.

I blew it and didn't get many pics of the run, but heres a few links anyways.

My 10.04 Photos
Roxy's 10.04 Photos

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BOND : 10.04 Update!!!

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the late post, hopefully you kids check your internets on saturdays.
Heres the deal, meet at Bristol Farms on Lincoln near Manchester at 10pm. For a google map reference, click map 01. We will get shit poppin off with a classic early map.
Then, we will try out a new untested map from the hidden vons parking lot.

MAP 01 : The Big Sleep

MAP 02 : North Hidden Vons

The forecast says rain, so bring your ponchos or trashbags.
See you on the streets.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

BOND : 10.04

This Saturday night, 10pm. Join us for a nice lil' jog.
At midnight, the ole' pix broad turns 21. After party at my house.
Maps will be announced tonight or tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!
Kisses from Casey!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BOND 09.13 : the aftermath

Photo by James

Well holy fucking shit. Where do I even start.

This week, we took BOND to the deep sleepy streets of Simi Valley. Over 60 fresh faced fuckers came out to join in the madness, including quite a few kids from the west side. A lot of people I talked to had their doubts about hosting up there and well, they were right.

The instant we called time on the first map, we were engulfed by three squad cars of SVPD. They had all 60+ kids sitting single file on the sidewalk as they started their good cop, bad cop routine. Tim and I straightened 'em out, but unfortunately we were shut down for the night. No hard feelings though...

Even though our good clean fun was cut short, I think everyone had a good time. Hopefully more of you Simi residents will make the treacherous journey down to the west side next time we run. If not, I think its safe to say we'll be running in your little town again.

About 20 westsiders made the trek north, and when the night looked ruined they called for a rally on "the skinny grid" back in mar vista. We saddled up, and got our groove on back in familiar territory. Things went off without a hitch, except for the two mexican fellows who threatened a couple of our kids with shovels, as well as spitting in the face of Chris Quasada. We aint seen no coppers though!

All in all, the night was successful, and even though it was short, hopefully the seed has been spread. Thanks to Tim for getting shit together for this special edition of BOND, and thanks to everyone who came out to run. I'll see you all again shortly.

BOND 06.27 : the aftermath

396437-R1-006-1A_003, originally uploaded by threeleggedcasey.

I fucking blew it on posting these photos. Its been so long I barely remember anything about the nights run. It was a special day, my boy Alex Preston was celebrating his 65th birthday, and decided running a couple games would be a great way to spend his evening.

A whole bunch of new heads rolled out, including my good pal Tyler Nathan (his first run) who brought a bunch of the cool peeps from his crew. It was also weird and fun being confronted with the fact that i was a decade older than several of the people playing.

This was the first time we played on a Friday night instead of Saturday that i can remember, and boy was it fucking weird. The neighborhoods were filled with angry citizens, screaming at us and calling us complete fucking idiots. I think we will stick with Sat from now on.

A game wide favorite map "The Gauntlet" has been causing major problems with the apartment residents. A pregnant woman woke up, walked downstairs, and screamed at all of us for waking up her unborn child or some such. But i think shes had time to cool off.

All in all, it was a good time. Thanks for your patience, enjoy a few shitty pictures from the evening!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BOND 09.13 : update

Its time for a change of scenery. This weeks run will take place in dark depths of Simi Valley. Thanks to Tim Casebolt who scouted some new maps and helped to put this weeks run together. Hope you westsiders will make it out.

The meet time is, as usual 10pm. Check out the details on Map 1 for where to go and park. The endpoint for Map 1 is the rally/start point for Map 2. Things should be a breeze.

Map 1 : The Lonestar

Map 2 : The Gunslinger

Tell your friends, get hyped, and as per usual... see you on the streets!

Monday, September 8, 2008

BOND: 09.13

Lets hope the turnout is better than this past weekends kickball game!
Maps coming soon. Mark your calenders godbedamned it!

Friday, June 27, 2008

BOND : 06.27 Update!!!

hey kids, sorry for the last minute info. its been a busy week. So heres the deal goddamn it. Meet up at the intersection of Palms and Grandview where we will run...

"The Gauntlet"

then heres the deal. We're gonna regroup in the Blockbuster parking lot, then run the map BACKWARDS!!!

If people still got the energy, were gonna make a quick move down the street and test out a new map. Peep it here...

"The Airduct"

It should be a good night.
See you on the streets.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BOND : 06.27

(Flyer courtesy of the ole' Pix broad )

My good pal Alex turns old as fuck like yesterday, and he wants to celebrate with a bunch of awesome people by playing BOND. Isn't that sweet? Come run around sweat balls and eat some icecream birthday cake afterwords.

We aint picked maps yet, but Alex rumors says he's trying to run "the gauntlet" again. Expect that shit to be one of em.

More info to come soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 9, 2008

BOND 06.07 : the aftermath


My pictures dont do it justice. The night was fucking epic. Roughly 67 people showed up; I didnt know at least a third of you. We got stalked by the police before we even started, but Tim and I handled business. We sent the police off to take care of the real hoodlums in LA. And to my knowledge, we did NOT cause a single burglary call.

We did however accidentally involve two innocent drivers in a small rear end collision at a crosswalk when someone called a FALSE START on the first map. Ooops, but things turned out all right.

A possum was hit by a car and put out of its misery by my good friend Joel, who was the only person there strong enough (emotionally) to do the right thing for the poor creature. Meanwhile a crowd of vegan children cried like babies.

We lost Joe's girlfriend on the second map, and had to postpone the third run until we found her. There was alot of worry and dread in the air, some assumed she had been lifted off the map by some sort of predator, but we found her eventually casually walking toward the endpoint. There were hugs as well as tears of relief and joy.

At the end of each game, many people had enough and left, but we had such an insane turnout that even after losing 40 people, we still had enough hardcore motherfuckers to play a third map at Kingsley.

Thanks to everyone who made the night extra special. Next time, we need to do some laid back hanging out at the end of the evening.

And now for a vicious rumor... there is talk of hosting an upcoming BOND run in Simi Valley, so prepare yourselves.

Until next time kids. Thanks again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BOND: June 07

Its about fucking time. Sorry for the leave of absence, but enough of that apologetic crap. Its time to run and hide. We're playing two maps.

Were playing the Palms Centinela map first. Meet at the corner of Walgrove and Lucille. Its a schoolyard just off Venice. Peep it here.

Then we head over to a family favorite... The Gauntlet!

You should know the drill by now. Bring your game face and wear black.
More info @
Tell a friend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BOND 03.29 : the aftermath

What a fucking excellent turnout. A serious thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, and to everyone who came. Seemed like everyone had a good time. Enjoy the memories, you can also enjoy a few photos. Another thankyou and a few notes await you at the flickr page. (click that shit above)

I seen a few other people taking pics, can you email me and lemme know where to find them? Thatd be so tight.

Cant wait to see you fuckers next month!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

BOND: March 29 Update

Aight kids. Its been decided. Heres where we're playing


View Larger Map
Meet at 9:45PM at the intersection of Grandview and Palms. There should be plenty of parking. We will be running this map first, its a new scout, and its fucking badass.

From the end point, we will shift across the street and start...


View Larger Map
This is also a new map. It should be good shit.

If theres any questions email me.
See you kids sat night.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

BOND: March 29

January saw running in the rain... February was a bust... BOND is back bitches.
We're still scouting maps. If anyone has a preference, let me know.

Stay tuned for the rest of the details, but clear your damned calenders.
10PM we wreck the streets.
See you there.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

03.09 Smash Party

flyer by alex. nuff said.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unurban Cafe 3.0

this fuckin guy was insane. i dunno how i felt about his performance. he played a childrens spelling toy. it coulda been cool, but he didnt take it far enough.

words cannot describe the gentleman on the bottom of this page. he was extremely punkrock.

mark phillips is a regular. tough lookin dude. i need to capture his likeness better. soft spoken asian guy up top was nervous as fuck. he did good.

he had some students that played too. next page is a better likeness.

he had good energy, she was rockin.

this guy was amazing. him and his friend were students of another regular. they were all pretty goddamned insane. i dug.

pixbroad was tryin to get all up in "natural eye patch man" which i didnt appreciate.
clean cut friend on the right reminded me of drew welbourne, a pal of mine.

i hated this guy. he was a "funny" guy. pix loved his shit. thats her btw.

dude on bottom was super nervous. first timer on paino. i dug his groove.

guy on top hosts the show i believe. hes tight. super laid back. guy on bottom was accompanying him.