Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BOND : 11.15

11.15 BOND, originally uploaded by threeleggedcasey.

And the Lord said, "It shall be done"... and it was done.

Where do you guys want to play? Anyone?
I'm thinking about scouting new maps.
I desire your feedback.


Chris said...
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Jasnon said...

I'm thinkin a westwood or century city map.

Yousethinges said...

start near venice then head to mar vista

Casey Hunt said...

i need specifics guys!
give me a cross street or a landmark to work with!

Yousethinges said...

start at walgrove and lucille. end at centinela and palms. we've done it before. then we should do a new (i think) map that ends around the santa monica air port