Friday, March 27, 2009

BOND : 03.28

I'm not even going to apologize for last minute posts anymore. Unless people stop showing up that is. Heres the deal you little vagabonds.

First map... The Big Sleep.

Then we play North Hidden Vons.

Sorry for the lack of flamboyant wordyness, but this should be enough to get you kids out there. I love you all, see you on the streets!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

BOND 02.28 : The Aftermath

Shit was real. Another perfectly executed evening of good ole fashioned clean fun. 50+ fools turned out to join the run. A great number to be sure, but I was a little surprised by the demographic. The age range skewed much lower than we're all used to. I'd say we were looking at about 70% under 18. I have no problem with this, I'm just saying.

And another thing, we're usually about 50% first timers. But I'd say we were at least 75% complete newbs this evening. Again, not a problem, it just changes the way the night plays out.

As usual, I heard lots of complaining about camping and wah wah wah. I didn't see too much weird shit going on. I even pulled my car over in the last 5 minutes of both maps so there wasn't too many cars circling the end point. Anyone have any ideas to eliminate the bullshit?

All in all, it was a solid night, and I think everyone had a good time.

Whats next?!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BOND 01.31 : The Aftermath

Whoops! Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with shit and I leave my photos with a friend for weeks on end. I just gottem back so here they is!

The first BOND run of 2009 was fucking delicious! It was hands down my most exciting and memorable driving experience to date! Our car dominated on the Gauntlet run. It was sick, backwards out of control burnout spins, several intense chases through the gauntlet itself, scrapes and bruises... it was magical.

As always, thanks to everyone who came out. We had a great mix of newbs and veterans alike. Its so exciting. I'm all agitated just thinking about it.

Time to shutup. Enjoy the pics. New shits from February's run are on the way as well!