Saturday, November 29, 2008

BOND 11.28 : The Aftermath

Click the image to peep the phots! There aren't many!

I originally had some epic ideas for this aftermath post, but they are all gone. I'm convinced that 30ish is the magic number for BOND runs. Its a great amount of people, but not so many that its ultimate chaos. Thats not to say that I'll ever look down on 75+ turnouts. I'm just saying...

Everything was going smoothly and perfectly until 30 seconds before we started the first run, and the LAPD rolled up on us. Tim and I handled business as usual. The officer was reluctant to let us continue playing, but obliged, citing his concerns that we would generate a "prowler" call, or have some fresh young green police recruit drawing guns on us. He just didn't want to see anyone hurt.

As far as I know, neither of his concerns were justified that night. Both runs went smooth as ice.

In other game related news, I had one of my best nights as a driver. After we picked up a couple of guys early on, our car went on to dominate the "north manchester" run, scoring over 10 catches. David Ra (aka: chump) didnt find or catch a single person. MVP status removed. But thats enough for my personal stories of glory, you all have your own. Someone mentioned a web message board. Would you guys use it if I created one?

And a final note... don't be stupid assholes. I thought the "NO ALCOHOL" rule was for obvious reasons on the main page, but I guess it wasn't.

BOND is a sober game.

If you gotta get drunk or high, then don't come to the game. Save it for the after party or don't come at all. Our dealings with the police, and the continued success of the game hinges on the fact that we do it sober. All the police need to completely end this game is a good excuse. Linking some idiot DUI back to the game is all it will take.

Thanks. The night was great. I had a fucking blast.

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