Thursday, January 29, 2009

BOND : 01.31

OH shit. You thought 2009 wasn't gonna be poppin off!?

Time to break that first adrenaline soaked sweat of the new year. Exciting times lay ahead of us.

This Saturday night, we're gonna do a classic run. I can't believe its been over 6 months since we've run these maps. Completely insane to me. Lets hope you kids are down as much as I am...

First : Palms/Centinela

Meet on the corner of Walgrove and Lucille, at the schoolyard. Then we'll be crossing the street like big kids!

Second : The Gauntlet

We'll regroup at the corner of Palms and Grandview.

Third : Kingsland

As usual, were only gonna run that Kingsland IF we have enough hyped enough to play a third round. Just know that shit's on my agenda.

Bring a friend! Wear Black! See you on the streets!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Unurban 5.0

This time out with my buddy Dylan for some hippie acoustic music drawing excitement. Place was poppin off more than usual. 'Twas a full house. You may notice a crappy from memory sketch of a Locust from Gears of War. Kids all obsessed with trolls at the moment, so I tried to get in there. Buh.

STL Writing Workshop

Sometimes to get warmed up for a writing workshop, I do some drawing. Two very productive and stimulating days to start the new year (Jan 1st and 2nd) working with my friends Bryan and Jeff.

Got a good head start on a BOND related publishing project, details coming soon (maybe). Good times for all.