Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BOND : 12.19

Join us for the 11th and FINAL BOND RUN of 2009.

Map 01 : The Gauntlet

(Direct Link)
By now you guys should know the drill. Meet at Point A and get ready for some fire. We'll regroup in the Blockbuster parking lot, then cross the street for...

Map 02 : Kingsland

(Direct Link)
You all know this is a short one, so we'll most likely run it forwards, then backwards. So show up expecting that third run or you're just some other chump.

See you on the streets.

Friday, December 11, 2009

BOND : 11.28 : The Aftermath


Sorry about the delay. Peep the phots and read carefully!

Our super last minute special edition 'college kids are home' BOND went really well with a couple exceptions...

First, for reasons I won't get into too deeply I had to specifically get the group together and REANNOUNCE that BOND is a SOBER game. I'll say it again...


I hate to be the big stupid bitch thats gotta talk down to everyone, but I kid you fucking not... if I see, hear, or find out about people drinking or doing any other drugs before or during the game, you will be fucking banned for life.

Second, someone who has been to BOND a few times now flipped out as I was going over the rules and basically assaulted one of my good friends. WTF. I had to stop everything and call everyone over to say "this is a friendly environment". What cornball shit.

Keep your bad attitude at home. I don't give a fuck if you think you are "teaching someone respect" by being a dick head. If you're going to come and start shit with people by verbally or physically assaulting them, you will not be welcomed back. So, whoever knows the old dad of the really young kids who've been coming, let him know he is no longer welcome. If he shows up, hes gonna be asked to leave.

Both of these things fall under what I consider good sportsmanship for the game.

Do some research people.

Other than that, the night was great! The Airduct backwards was really fun! Only 2 people made it to the end (veteran Jeff Mahachai and the UCLA guy whos name is slipping my mind at the moment). Palms/Centinela backwards was also great, but this time the newbie chaseteams had it rough. Only a handful of people got tagged.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Get ready for the last game of BOND of 2009. It's coming up.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BOND : 11.28

Ultra Last Minute Posting for those not in the know. Lets do this.

Map 01 : The Airduct (backwards)

(Direct Link)
Meet at point b. I think you can park on penmar near rose. If not, use the parking lot at lake and glyndon.

Map 02 : Palms/Centinela

(Direct Link)
We'll regroup at the liquor store, then take off for the second and final map of the night.

Theres going to be a few map related details announced during the rules that you wont want to miss. So get there ON TIME @ 11pm.
See you on the streets.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BOND : 11.07 : The Aftermath


Well I'm extremely disappointed in myself... with a cool 10 minutes to make it to the end point of the first map with only a SINGLE BLOCK left to run, I misjudged my surroundings and made a hasty advance right into an oncoming chase team...

As it turns out, my lady PixBroad was driving the MVC of the night. I tried to muscle past, but realizing that the chaser named Bryan Payne (as well as several others) were going to cut me off, I doubled back and booked it hard towards where I came. The alley offered me no easy cover. I tried returning to the finish, but as soon as I turned around I was nabbed. (See the aftermath in the photoset.)

Let this be a lesson, for those of you that think you won't like driving (like Pix), you might just wind up being the Most Valuable Car of the night.

We dealt with angry police officers who weren't interested in talking to anyone. Every once in a while, you run across people who are all business that can't be reasoned with. You're either trespassing, or there's minors out after curfew. Regardless, since everyone kept themselves under control we didn't upset any of LA's finest, and we're able to run two more maps after we we're originally told to disperse.

The third map back to Bristol farms was lacking energy, but there were a couple of great moments that made it worth it for me. One young girl gave one of the best chases I've had the pleasure of being a part of. She was switching back and forth, and dodging 5 chasers at a time. She ran into a light pole, grabbed it with both arms running full speed ahead, and used it to swing herself around 180 degrees and run off back behind the 3 chasers that were running without slowing herself down. She kept going until the last possible moment. It was epic.

Tons of photos from the night, hopefully some of them you enjoy. Theres little bits and bobs and stories scattered throughout, so go enjoy!

BOND : 09.26 : The Aftermath!!!

I'ts been a while now since this run... and I barely remember much about the night except that I blew both my and Pix's cover pretty early on in the map and we both got tagged. She became a chaser, and I walked back to get my car for the next map.

We went on to play North Manchester, and even after heavy losses, we played Art Meets Religion backwards to close out the night. It was super good times.

Please enjoy the shittiest photos I've taken for BOND yet.

BOND : 05.16 : Photo's Recovered!


Hey Everyone! Guess what happened!
The missing camera from the Special Edition San Pedro Ground Zero BOND was finally recovered a while ago by David Ra! And I finally got off my ass and developed it! What few photos there were have been added to the photoset on my flickr. Just click the photo above to revel in the nostalgia!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BOND : 11.07

My ultimate goal for 2009 has been thwarted due to my own negligence. I will do my best in the closing months of this year to please the masses and finish out 2009 strong. We've got a couple more runs in us. Anyways, I have heard the call; it is time.

We will meet at Bristol Farms to run one of the classics. It's been quite a while since we've been there.

Map 01 : The Big Sleep

(Direct Link)
We'll finish up at the Hidden Vons, then head south for...

Map 02 : Toga Party

(Direct Link)
It's been even longer since we've been here. I'm looking forward to both of these.

Also, I'm just gonna say it again. I'm looking for NEW MAPS! If anyone out there has any ideas, please drop me a line anywhere, email, facebook, in person! Lets start 2010 with some new shit huh? Don't slack people. This is a call to arms!

Excitement fills my heart. This coming weekend will be good.
Prepare yourselves for the hunt.
I'll see you on the streets.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Climax and Friends @ SLUDGE MANSION

The Climax and Friends @ SLUDGE MANSION
Hey Kids,

Sorry it's not a BOND announcement, but I would love any and all of you to come to the show we're having at my house this Friday. Get the details and RSVP at the FACEBOOK EVENT.

I owe you guys pictures from Septembers BOND, and the announcement for the upcoming run. I promise that at least one of those two things will happen tomorrow. It is coming up VERY soon!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BOND : 09.26

It's been too long my friends... but we're on track for some goodness. I've been exhausted and have nothing witty to say, so lets just get on to the cold hard facts.

Map 01 : Art Meets Religion

(Direct Link)
We'll be meeting at Otis. The parking lot should be open and avail, theres also street parking. Just get there and you should see us. After the map, we'll rally and ship everyone over to Point A of...

Map 02 : North Manchester

(Direct Link)

If everyone's up for it... we'll regroup and cross the street back to the endpoint of Art Meets Religion to run the map backwards back to Otis to call it a night. Bring your A game.

And I'll see you on the streets.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

BOND : 08.01 : The Aftermath

First of all... what everyone is waiting for I'm sure...

Because of the delightfully generous donations, you mother fuckers raised ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DOLLARS AND SOME CHANGE! ($$$108.xx). I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting much of jack shit, but I guess I grossly underestimated the kindness and caring of our little group. You all touched my heart, and the hearts of the Crypts inhabitants; Jeff and Desiree were totally blown away. I won't make it a habit of asking from you my dears.

MAP 01:
Shit went off without a hitch. Before we started, two residents walked up to us saying "what the fuck is going on". I told em to stick around for the rules... they did, and then they actually fucking played! Not only that, but they fucking LOVED IT! They thanked me(us) for welcoming them to the game. I'm sure they'll be back.

I was going to try and go for a couple of geocaches on the map (If you don't know what it is, look it up. You might need to know this one day), but decided against it with the advice of David Ra. Lucky I listened. On the way to the end, I was brutally stabbed in the left eye by a yucca tree, then later threw my back out landing on the hose faucet outside a house. This turned it on and filled my asshole with a gallon of water. Shit sucked. But I made it... barely with only 2 minutes to spare.

Before the game I planted a case of water at both end points for everyone. This seemed to be well received. But the shit ran out fast. I can't remember who it was, but someone else bought an extra case for everyone. It was quite nice. As everyone left to regroup at map 2, the place looked like a shithole. I don't think a single person put their water bottle trash where it belonged. I asked a few kids to help clean it up, and everyone did without a peep. It was rad. Thanks again.

But seriously... PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES GUYS! The better we are to the community, the more welcome we will be to keep doing this.

MAP 2:
... was a shit storm! I was out for blood, and ready to fuck everyone at the overpass. But when I got there, just too many goddamned people were being tagged. It was like shooting unarmed civilians or something. There just wasn't any sport to it. Too many people underestimated how important it was to get past the overpass quickly. Its the goddamned maps name! CMON PEOPLE! We snagged at least one guy who put up a really good fight, but so many others WOULD have been busted so early, we decided to let them go untagged. I hope they didn't squander their second chance on life...

Everything else is a blur, until the end. With only 10 minutes to go, we were shut down by the police. Honestly, I don't know what happened. We've played this map several times before, but this time was different. The residents were out in force, they were out for blood. I was brutally screamed at by an elderly woman. I thought she might kill me.

Everyone did the right thing. All the cars parked, everyone walked slowly and quietly to the end point, and everyone kept their voices down. When the officer in charge addressed the crowd and asked everyone to quiet down... EVERYONE actually sat down and shut up. He was floored.

"Wait a minute, you guys actually listened?" he chuckled, "Wow, thats a first".
Thanks for heeding my advice guys and gals. You really made a solid impact on the MVPD that night. In his address, the officer didn't even tell us we couldn't do this anymore. "Think about what you're doing next time ok guys?" He said. Awesome.

At LEAST 6 squadcars rolled out in force, ready to kick the shit out of us. But everyone was really cool about it once they realized what we we're doing. We applauded his address, and as everyone headed off to regroup/end the evening, I stuck around and chatted with him for a few minutes. He spoke of how highly organized, and ultimately respectful everyone was when it came down to it. I take both statements with the highest regard, and so should all of you. We also talked about CRANK MOB, and how those guys have turned into real pieces of shit. For a moment, I worried this too could be the future of BOND. We cant let that happen...

I can't remember the officers name, I'd like to give him a personal shout out and mad props for being cool. Like I've said in my earlier posts, I really gotta hand it to the MVPD. Dudes are cool as fuck. We left him a business card, and a map as a souvenir. All I can say is... "Code 4, hide and seek only."

As I left for the night, we trailed behind a couple of frustrated middle aged residents. Without a whisper on our part, the lady turned around and scowled, "We dont want you back here..." I apologized for disturbing her and was on my way. Little does she know that a good chunk of the players LIVE in the fucking neighborhood.

Getting everyone home was a shitstorm, most everyone disappeared before we could get enough cars to drive everyone where they needed to go. I hope (and assume) everyone got back safe.

Our final unconfirmed headcount was 72, but it may have been more. It was the second highest, if not THE highest turnout we've had. Which is great, but I think also contributed to us getting shut down. When half the crew had never played before, something is bound to go wrong.

I heard rumors of people trying to hop fences, and also not speaking to residents as they stared out their front doors at people laying next to their parked car, and when the alarm went off, they took off running instead of explaining what was going on. These are the things that get us fucked with.

And also, I must admit that I was driving pretty aggressively. I probably need to tone it down a little bit with the spinouts and squealing tires. For my part, I am sorry. Its really hard not to get caught up in the moment.

COURTESY TO THE RESIDENTS. This should be held with the highest regard.

Anyways, thanks to all the people who did it right. And if everyone did it right, then it just wasn't our night. But I've had worse.

Awesome Everyone.
108 bucks. Fucking awesome.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BOND : 08.01 : Save the Crypt!!!

FUCKING SHIT! I fucked everything up and blew my goal of having one BOND run in every month of 2009. Shit happens. Anyways, its time...

You might notice the theme on this months flyer. If you didn't know already, the Crypt is an apartment where several of our long term BOND running friends live. Its in danger! Sometimes shit gets fucked up, and you have to reluctantly ask for help.

I'm asking you, the loyal BOND community, to rise up to the aid of our friends! Do not let them be put out on the street! Find it in your hearts and your pockets to contribute to the Save the Crypt Fund! We need to raise a ridiculous amount of money, but anything you'd care to give will be more than we have already.

One of the Crypt members, Jeff Mahachai, scouted the maps we'll be playing this Saturday. Show your appreciation for his wonderful addition to the map repertoire, and let him know that we can all count on each other in times of desperate need!

First up, Middleschool Madness.
(EDIT: Meet up at POINT A!!!!!)

(Direct Link - Just in case clicking the map doesn't work)

We'll reconvene and move on to The Overpass.

(Direct Link)

I'll be asking for donations during the rules speech, so don't get all pissy when I start guilt tripping you for money. Rise to the occasion my friends!

... And I'll see you on the streets!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BOND : 06.27 : The Aftermath

The return to the Westside...

Not like that many of you knew, but I told several of you kids we'd be playing near Giant Robot over on Sawtelle. I finally scouted the maps late that night, and was destroyed to find a Police Dispatch near the end point of one. As of right now, those two maps (which looked REALLY fun) are indefinitely shelved until I can work out a deal with the Santa Monica PD. Yeah right...

Things turned out great though. About 50 people showed up, including some old pals of mine who aren't regulars but are well on their way. We had lots of new faces, and I'm pretty sure the nights run saw the greatest spread in regards to age. I fucked up and didn't get a chance to get personal, but a Dad brought his young kids out for the run. They were all super hardcore, and I'm pretty sure they had a great time. It was really great to see. You guys are welcome always.

Everyone loves the Gauntlet, except one household near Palms and Grandview. I think we startled them with some squealing tires and kids crashing through their foliage. I seen them at their window looking our nervously.
"We're really sorry, we're just playing hide and seek." I said to em.
"Not here you aren't." They replied.
Within 5 minutes about 15 people told me they were told the coppers were being called. I wasn't too worried about it, and as the last of our people rolled in, the Cops blazed up Grandview sirens roaring. They drove RIGHT PAST US!!! It was fucking hilarious. All 50 of us were standing there in the middle of the street, obvious as fuck, and they didn't give much of a shit.

We regrouped behind the liquor store at palms/centinela, and saw the cops again. Aaron, Quasada (in his fucking chroma green full body suit), and I approached them slowly and chatted it up. We gave them the scoop, told them that no one was trying to get into the liquor store, and they were off. I always try to tell any Police we talk to to "be safe tonight". Cause lets be honest, sometimes they're putting their life on the line... not often... but sometimes.

In all seriousness though, I want everyone to acknowledge how tight the Mar Vista Police are. We have NEVER been shut down by them... EVER. I've never had any problems with them, as opposed to SMPD. So the next time you want to tell that cop to FUCK off or whatever... if they are MVPD, say something nice instead.

It seemed like everyone LOVED "The Airduct" So that made me happy. I'm glad we got to try a new map. Measuring in at 1.5 miles, its the longest direct route map we have in our arsenal! The next longest "The Big Sleep AKA Bristol Farms" is 1.2 miles. So congrats to all of you that actually made it. The Airduct has a fucking gnarly stretch of road with no cover that I feel needs to be dubbed "No Mans Land". I'm also going to have to reiterate and get specific on our camping rules, as I heard several protests and actually witnessed it myself. Though in their defense, I believe they acted without malice. Tee hee hee.

Did anyone actually see Chris Quasada running through the streets in his green suit? I fucking missed him when we were driving. Shit was bonkers.

Thanks you guys for continuing to come out.
See you next month.

P.S. Does anyone give a shit about these long posts?

BOND : 05.16 : The Aftermath

A month late and a buck short...

The Return to your Roots Ground Zero BOND tour was a fresh breath of air. Nothing like reliving the glory days. Nostalgia, yadda yadda. Thanks to everyone who made the horrifying trek to San Pedro. Not many people made it out, but those that did proved their worth in spades.

We played a total of 3 maps, which just so happened to be the same 3 maps I played on my first run ever. The first map, "Ground Zero", was beautiful. When I played for the first time, we cautiously ran down Western on a huge hill, ending up in a expansive skin destroying thorn patch. I remember dragging my way through with my elbows military style with Dylan and Gus, eventually making our way to the neighborhood stretch. Shit was epic.

This time around I drove, encountering MANY exciting chase battles. Highlights of the night include busting my lady Pix, but losing her partner... only to end things off in a pedal to the medal chase down at the last 100 feet of the map. We narrowly missed him, David slamming full force into the concrete wall. No time to risk slowing down for safety sake. For Death and Glory. Also, several times on the map we passed a jogger clad in grey wearing a bright high visibility blinking safety light on his forehead running down the middle of the street. Only in the last few moments of the map did we realize it was one of the Godfathers, JUSTIN, who decided to go balls out and run clearly in the open. We tagged him in the last block of the map, but in my mind... he made it. And does anyone remember the fucker in the hatchback burning around the median doing personal time trials, nearly clipping several people?

The second map, "Home of the Sailors", was rad and went off without a hitch. The pitch black park at the center of the map was a great place to catch your breath if you were lucky enough not to get stabbed by gangsters. I believe David Ra's car, filled with chaser Luke Silas did not manage to catch a single person... correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember seeing fury in Lukes eyes... After that, a bunch of kids bounced, but there was enough hardcore folks who stuck around for the third... a ridiculous sprawling vista called "The Busy Bee".

I drove yet again as no one wanted to volunteer. The first 25 minutes we didn't see a single soul. It was quite contrasted to the first map where we saw plenty of action. Eventually we caught one person, but that was about it. As the time was called, we realized that one of our group was MIA. A few phonecalls later, and we realized that he was several miles away... in the EXACT SAME SPOT where some friends and I had wound up when we got disconnected from the locals and wound up horribly lost the first time I played. I don't think he was having fun, but it was the fucking perfect way for me to end the evening.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I hope we make it back down to San Pedro again. Thanks to Justin and Ivan for putting the time into making the official maps, and hosting everyone in their little town. Those of you that didn't make it, you're blowin it.

PS. I'm still looking for this camera. I believe it was left in someones car. Look for it, I'd really appreciate it.

PS. Did anyone read all of this shit?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

BOND : 06.27 - The Maps!!!

Shit guys, I'm really sorry about the last minute fuckup. I physically scouted the maps in person at like 3:30 am yesterday, and found the police station. I feel like an idiot... Instead, heres whats up.

First, The Gauntlet... backwards!

We're meeting up in the Whole Foods Lot across from our regular endpoint. Check the map for a little icon. Don't miss it! Then we'll move on to...

The Airduct

I finally got around to scoping it out in person, and after a few minor tweaks, I think its going to be really fun. We'll cross the street from the gauntlet, regroup, end get underway.

Again be sure to look at the little icons on the map. Theres some important info you won't want to miss. Be prompt motherfuckers. Lets try to start before 11 tonight huh?

BOND : 06.27 - Oh Shit!

I fucked up. The new shit i was scouting looked to be a good thing... except for the fact that theres a fucking police station ON THE MAP!

I'm scrambling to figure out exactly what we're gonna play right now, but since everything went to shit its gonna have to be some classics.

Please check your email again tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to have the nights maps posted by 3 oclock. Its safe to say we're playing mar vista.

Friday, June 19, 2009

BOND : 06.27

It is time goddamn it.

I owe you guys a follow up and pics from last months Ground Zero run. Thats coming soon, but for now lets look towards the future!

Lots of things going on that are exciting little ole me. I've succumbed to the darkside and joined facebook. Theres an official BOND group that I hope will enrich the community as a whole. It's an open network, so get over there and join.
BOND on Facebook

You also might notice that I've registered Its a husk of a site right now, but things may eventually get more legit over there. For now this is still the place to be.

If you kids have any other "fresh" ideas for furthering the BOND cause, shoot them at me.

Maps to come next week.
See you on the streets!

Friday, May 15, 2009

BOND 05.16 : Update!!!

Fucking ey bitches, heres the info you've ALL been so desperately waiting for! There's a bunch of shit going down, and a lot to sort through.

We've got 4 maps available to play, these will be decided on the night depending on the crowd. Thanks to Justin for officially prepping the original maps, and scouting some newsies. It's going to be a bit wildcard "play it by ear" type shit, so come prepared.

The rendezvous is the Albertsons parking lot on the corner of "W 25th St. & S Western Ave." Click that shit and enter your starting address for some easy driving directions. We'll figure shit out from there. Heres the options for the night...

Ground Zero (aka The Cliff)

The Busy Bee

Home of the Sailors


Hope you kids man up and make it down. See you on the streets!

Monday, May 4, 2009

BOND : 05.16

BOND : 05.16

After more than five long years, we will finally return to Ground Zero.

Many of you ask me of the origins of BOND. There is no ground more sacred in the canon of BOND than that of San Pedro. For it is there that the game was introduced to a handful of us. Few can claim to have run on this holiest of lands. Do you have what it takes to become one of the proud?

Quit your bitching about how far away it is, talk to your friends about carpooling, and drive your ass down there. It's a Saturday night way after the traffic has died down so that isn't an issue. No matter what you might think, its really not that bad of a drive. Justin and Ivan, who taught me the game, have come out of retirement to scout new maps in their area. Don't let them down! It promises to be an excellent event.

This is a special occasion, so if your a new player who has been reluctant to try things out NOWS THE TIME! If you're a veteran, come see how this shit all started, and bring a friend like I did my first time!

Its unlikely we'll be heading back down here anytime soon, so clear your schedule and mark your calender! You don't want to miss it!

Expect a few reminders between now and the time of the run.
I'll see you on the streets!

Monday, April 27, 2009

BOND 04.25 : The Aftermath


Well this run was supposed to be taking place in San Pedro, but due to an unfortunate series of events, that run has been pushed till next month. Details coming soon I swear. But shit don't matter, we still had a solid run as far as I'm concerned.

We had a solid turnout of 34 heads, and interestingly enough, it was the lightest count of newbs we've had yet. I want to say that there were less than 10 people who hadn't played before. We we're even graced by the presence of the Godfather himself. Things worked out just fine!

I don't want to get into any of my personal stories of glory here (not that there were any), so i'll just end this quickly by saying it was a solid night, with no hiccups and no troubles. We didn't run into any police, and managed to steer clear of the shovel-wielding face-spitting mexican gangsters that dwell in the dank alleyways of The Skinny Grid. Woo Hoo!

See you next time!

P.S. Goddamn it... There are a bunch of you who have half suggested some ideas for new maps. I want them! Stop fucking around and email me some coordinates/intersections/landmarks/googlemaps! I think we're all about ready for some new shit to go into rotation! Thanks!

BOND 03.28 : The Aftermath


Well I was a little bit worried for a number of reasons. For starters, I was totally blowing it and showed up almost 30 minutes late. Part of me was like "fuck everyone dude! I'm ALWAYS there waiting for stragglers and shit." And the other part was very much "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck". I finally arrived to a meager turnout of disgruntled persons, most of whom hadn't played before, all of whom we're cold and tired of waiting.

On top of that, there were very few players. Ive gotten used to 50+ turnouts, so when I was greeted with only a handful of faces, my spirits sank.

Anyways, to get on with it. We had a final turnout of 26 people, which as much as I'm bitching is actually quite solid. I teamed up with returning player, but not quite veteran Dallas to drive the first map. We had hoped for a repeat of our last chase team performance, but didn't quite live up to the hype. I still had a solid time.

We played "North Hidden Vons" for the second time ever. Having driven it the time before, running it was quite enjoyable. I think everyone likes the map, so thats good times as far as I'm concerned.

The newbs did great, most of our crew that night was a bunch of fellows all the way from Cal Poly, or some insane engineering/metaphysics school. They were a long way from home, so I thank you fellas for taking a chance and checking it out. You're always welcome back.

And now I'm gonna stop talking.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

BOND : 04.25 Update!!!

Here's the maps bitches. We're gonna play some classics, only a little different than you're used to. BACKWARDS! Totally fucking crazy right? I know...

First up, Palms/Centinela.

Meet at what shows up as POINT B on the google map. Its the corner liquor store on the south west side of the actual Palms/Centinela intersection. Theres ample parking in the back, thats where we'll be!

We'll be running to the front of the schoolyard where we normally meet to start this map, where we'll then regroup for the next run.

The Skinny Grid.

We'll be about a block away from the normal end point, and might double back. The actual endpoint for tonights run will be the normal starting point. Its a stop sign at the north east corner of Penmar and Lake adjacent to Penmar Park.

Should be good shit. I'll be seeing a bunch of you tonight hopefully.

P.S. When you click on the map icons, it should take you directly to the google map boundaries, but if you don't see anything, just zoom out till you can see it. Its been a little wacky with me lately. Just an FYI. Good luck!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BOND : 04.25

Sorry for the silence... I'm blowing it.

Some of you have heard that we're doing a special edition BOND run this month. I told a few people we were heading to where it all began. This is rubbish. Not quite enough time to get the word spread properly, I need just a little bit more to be fully prepared.

This month were gonna be local, playing some of the classic Mar Vista maps. I'll announce the specifics by Friday I promise.

Next month though... near the end of the month... we WILL be running in San Pedro goddamn it! Stay tuned, and I'll see you on the streets.

Friday, March 27, 2009

BOND : 03.28

I'm not even going to apologize for last minute posts anymore. Unless people stop showing up that is. Heres the deal you little vagabonds.

First map... The Big Sleep.

Then we play North Hidden Vons.

Sorry for the lack of flamboyant wordyness, but this should be enough to get you kids out there. I love you all, see you on the streets!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

BOND 02.28 : The Aftermath

Shit was real. Another perfectly executed evening of good ole fashioned clean fun. 50+ fools turned out to join the run. A great number to be sure, but I was a little surprised by the demographic. The age range skewed much lower than we're all used to. I'd say we were looking at about 70% under 18. I have no problem with this, I'm just saying.

And another thing, we're usually about 50% first timers. But I'd say we were at least 75% complete newbs this evening. Again, not a problem, it just changes the way the night plays out.

As usual, I heard lots of complaining about camping and wah wah wah. I didn't see too much weird shit going on. I even pulled my car over in the last 5 minutes of both maps so there wasn't too many cars circling the end point. Anyone have any ideas to eliminate the bullshit?

All in all, it was a solid night, and I think everyone had a good time.

Whats next?!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BOND 01.31 : The Aftermath

Whoops! Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with shit and I leave my photos with a friend for weeks on end. I just gottem back so here they is!

The first BOND run of 2009 was fucking delicious! It was hands down my most exciting and memorable driving experience to date! Our car dominated on the Gauntlet run. It was sick, backwards out of control burnout spins, several intense chases through the gauntlet itself, scrapes and bruises... it was magical.

As always, thanks to everyone who came out. We had a great mix of newbs and veterans alike. Its so exciting. I'm all agitated just thinking about it.

Time to shutup. Enjoy the pics. New shits from February's run are on the way as well!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

BOND : 02.28

Whatchu know bout last minute announcements? Sorry for the delay kids, its been a hellacious couple of weeks. I know this means alot of you wont be attending, but thats ok. Theres always next time. Here's how shits going down tonight...

Middleschool Madness

Meet at point A, which is a grassy knoll in the Palms Middleschool yard. After the map, we walk across the street to...

The Overpass : AKA The Dark Railroad

Meet again at point A, the rear parking lot to Bank of America/IHOP.

Pics from last months run coming soon!!!
See you on the streets.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

BOND : 01.31

OH shit. You thought 2009 wasn't gonna be poppin off!?

Time to break that first adrenaline soaked sweat of the new year. Exciting times lay ahead of us.

This Saturday night, we're gonna do a classic run. I can't believe its been over 6 months since we've run these maps. Completely insane to me. Lets hope you kids are down as much as I am...

First : Palms/Centinela

Meet on the corner of Walgrove and Lucille, at the schoolyard. Then we'll be crossing the street like big kids!

Second : The Gauntlet

We'll regroup at the corner of Palms and Grandview.

Third : Kingsland

As usual, were only gonna run that Kingsland IF we have enough hyped enough to play a third round. Just know that shit's on my agenda.

Bring a friend! Wear Black! See you on the streets!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Unurban 5.0

This time out with my buddy Dylan for some hippie acoustic music drawing excitement. Place was poppin off more than usual. 'Twas a full house. You may notice a crappy from memory sketch of a Locust from Gears of War. Kids all obsessed with trolls at the moment, so I tried to get in there. Buh.