Sunday, November 16, 2008

BOND : 11.15 The Aftermath!!!

Click it to peep my photos from the night DUH!

As predicted, the newly scouted maps were quite the success. Thanks again to Jeff Mahachai for putting a lot of thought into these maps. As far as I know, everyone had a blast.

Our first mass pileup wipeout occurred no more than 10 seconds into the first run. Flesh met concrete in the ugliest way possible. Later, a massive tank like SUV with riveted spikes terrorized the hapless runners, its occupants hanging out the windows with the look of vengeance in their eyes. Its usually little sedans creeping around! I misjudged the size and complexity of the map and I think everyone would agree that Middleschool Madness needs to have a much tighter time limit. I'll work on that.

I had a fucking blast on the second map. As I had hoped, there was a massive encounter under the 405 at Military. Many unfortunate runners who decided to take it a little too easy at the start of the map met their doom under the brightly lit freeway overpass. Though many others continued on to be delighted by the stretch of abandoned train tracks that offered cover aplenty.

As usual, thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to the regulars who show up constantly. Thanks to those of you who brought a new friend. And thanks to you newbs for trusting us enough to give it a chance! This game doesn't happen without lots of people, and it really means alot to me that you kids keep showing up.

Finally, if anyone has photos they'd like to share, let me know!
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