Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BOND 09.13 : the aftermath

Photo by James

Well holy fucking shit. Where do I even start.

This week, we took BOND to the deep sleepy streets of Simi Valley. Over 60 fresh faced fuckers came out to join in the madness, including quite a few kids from the west side. A lot of people I talked to had their doubts about hosting up there and well, they were right.

The instant we called time on the first map, we were engulfed by three squad cars of SVPD. They had all 60+ kids sitting single file on the sidewalk as they started their good cop, bad cop routine. Tim and I straightened 'em out, but unfortunately we were shut down for the night. No hard feelings though...

Even though our good clean fun was cut short, I think everyone had a good time. Hopefully more of you Simi residents will make the treacherous journey down to the west side next time we run. If not, I think its safe to say we'll be running in your little town again.

About 20 westsiders made the trek north, and when the night looked ruined they called for a rally on "the skinny grid" back in mar vista. We saddled up, and got our groove on back in familiar territory. Things went off without a hitch, except for the two mexican fellows who threatened a couple of our kids with shovels, as well as spitting in the face of Chris Quasada. We aint seen no coppers though!

All in all, the night was successful, and even though it was short, hopefully the seed has been spread. Thanks to Tim for getting shit together for this special edition of BOND, and thanks to everyone who came out to run. I'll see you all again shortly.

BOND 06.27 : the aftermath

396437-R1-006-1A_003, originally uploaded by threeleggedcasey.

I fucking blew it on posting these photos. Its been so long I barely remember anything about the nights run. It was a special day, my boy Alex Preston was celebrating his 65th birthday, and decided running a couple games would be a great way to spend his evening.

A whole bunch of new heads rolled out, including my good pal Tyler Nathan (his first run) who brought a bunch of the cool peeps from his crew. It was also weird and fun being confronted with the fact that i was a decade older than several of the people playing.

This was the first time we played on a Friday night instead of Saturday that i can remember, and boy was it fucking weird. The neighborhoods were filled with angry citizens, screaming at us and calling us complete fucking idiots. I think we will stick with Sat from now on.

A game wide favorite map "The Gauntlet" has been causing major problems with the apartment residents. A pregnant woman woke up, walked downstairs, and screamed at all of us for waking up her unborn child or some such. But i think shes had time to cool off.

All in all, it was a good time. Thanks for your patience, enjoy a few shitty pictures from the evening!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BOND 09.13 : update

Its time for a change of scenery. This weeks run will take place in dark depths of Simi Valley. Thanks to Tim Casebolt who scouted some new maps and helped to put this weeks run together. Hope you westsiders will make it out.

The meet time is, as usual 10pm. Check out the details on Map 1 for where to go and park. The endpoint for Map 1 is the rally/start point for Map 2. Things should be a breeze.

Map 1 : The Lonestar

Map 2 : The Gunslinger

Tell your friends, get hyped, and as per usual... see you on the streets!

Monday, September 8, 2008

BOND: 09.13

Lets hope the turnout is better than this past weekends kickball game!
Maps coming soon. Mark your calenders godbedamned it!