Friday, May 15, 2009

BOND 05.16 : Update!!!

Fucking ey bitches, heres the info you've ALL been so desperately waiting for! There's a bunch of shit going down, and a lot to sort through.

We've got 4 maps available to play, these will be decided on the night depending on the crowd. Thanks to Justin for officially prepping the original maps, and scouting some newsies. It's going to be a bit wildcard "play it by ear" type shit, so come prepared.

The rendezvous is the Albertsons parking lot on the corner of "W 25th St. & S Western Ave." Click that shit and enter your starting address for some easy driving directions. We'll figure shit out from there. Heres the options for the night...

Ground Zero (aka The Cliff)

The Busy Bee

Home of the Sailors


Hope you kids man up and make it down. See you on the streets!

Monday, May 4, 2009

BOND : 05.16

BOND : 05.16

After more than five long years, we will finally return to Ground Zero.

Many of you ask me of the origins of BOND. There is no ground more sacred in the canon of BOND than that of San Pedro. For it is there that the game was introduced to a handful of us. Few can claim to have run on this holiest of lands. Do you have what it takes to become one of the proud?

Quit your bitching about how far away it is, talk to your friends about carpooling, and drive your ass down there. It's a Saturday night way after the traffic has died down so that isn't an issue. No matter what you might think, its really not that bad of a drive. Justin and Ivan, who taught me the game, have come out of retirement to scout new maps in their area. Don't let them down! It promises to be an excellent event.

This is a special occasion, so if your a new player who has been reluctant to try things out NOWS THE TIME! If you're a veteran, come see how this shit all started, and bring a friend like I did my first time!

Its unlikely we'll be heading back down here anytime soon, so clear your schedule and mark your calender! You don't want to miss it!

Expect a few reminders between now and the time of the run.
I'll see you on the streets!