Friday, January 25, 2008

Unurban Cafe 1.0

So in looking for shit to do, unurban cafe came up. There is an open mic on friday nights, and turns out it makes a great place to sit, chill, watch people, and draw them. Here's some shits.

The guy on the top came over to us and was marveling at Pix's sketches. He offered up money, but we quickly declined, and handed over the drawings for no compensation. I wound up cutting the page in half and giving the guy on the bottom his portrait too.

Bob was INSANE. He had a great vibe, and when he got up there, he busted out the most soulful inspiring song ever. It was so intense. As he noticed the commotion of the others looking at the drawings, i quickly pulled out his and thanked him for playing.

Day two sketches coming soon.
Peep the ole' Pix broads drawings over on her blog... brilliantly titled The Reimold Effect !

Lost but Happy

the art of george fuentes

good friend, fellow blogger and artist had his first solo show. check out a few pics from the opening, and if for some reason you visit here, and dont know of his work, peep it.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

BOND: Jan 26

Thats right. This saturday, BOND.
If you dont even know what it is... look here for now.

So, heres the maps were playing. We will start with an oldie but a goodie...
the Otis Church Map

Then we will be trying a new map right across the street from the church end point. I havent even seen the streets yet, so if u live close, give it a drive by.
North Manchester Map

If peeps got the energy, there is one more new map we can try.
Pershing Map

Must reiterate...

driving is involved in this game of hide and seek, and we are not trying to draw any more attention to ourselves. 40 kids mobbing around through peoples yards in black jumpsuits is suspicious enough.

see you on the streets.