Friday, June 27, 2008

BOND : 06.27 Update!!!

hey kids, sorry for the last minute info. its been a busy week. So heres the deal goddamn it. Meet up at the intersection of Palms and Grandview where we will run...

"The Gauntlet"

then heres the deal. We're gonna regroup in the Blockbuster parking lot, then run the map BACKWARDS!!!

If people still got the energy, were gonna make a quick move down the street and test out a new map. Peep it here...

"The Airduct"

It should be a good night.
See you on the streets.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BOND : 06.27

(Flyer courtesy of the ole' Pix broad )

My good pal Alex turns old as fuck like yesterday, and he wants to celebrate with a bunch of awesome people by playing BOND. Isn't that sweet? Come run around sweat balls and eat some icecream birthday cake afterwords.

We aint picked maps yet, but Alex rumors says he's trying to run "the gauntlet" again. Expect that shit to be one of em.

More info to come soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 9, 2008

BOND 06.07 : the aftermath


My pictures dont do it justice. The night was fucking epic. Roughly 67 people showed up; I didnt know at least a third of you. We got stalked by the police before we even started, but Tim and I handled business. We sent the police off to take care of the real hoodlums in LA. And to my knowledge, we did NOT cause a single burglary call.

We did however accidentally involve two innocent drivers in a small rear end collision at a crosswalk when someone called a FALSE START on the first map. Ooops, but things turned out all right.

A possum was hit by a car and put out of its misery by my good friend Joel, who was the only person there strong enough (emotionally) to do the right thing for the poor creature. Meanwhile a crowd of vegan children cried like babies.

We lost Joe's girlfriend on the second map, and had to postpone the third run until we found her. There was alot of worry and dread in the air, some assumed she had been lifted off the map by some sort of predator, but we found her eventually casually walking toward the endpoint. There were hugs as well as tears of relief and joy.

At the end of each game, many people had enough and left, but we had such an insane turnout that even after losing 40 people, we still had enough hardcore motherfuckers to play a third map at Kingsley.

Thanks to everyone who made the night extra special. Next time, we need to do some laid back hanging out at the end of the evening.

And now for a vicious rumor... there is talk of hosting an upcoming BOND run in Simi Valley, so prepare yourselves.

Until next time kids. Thanks again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BOND: June 07

Its about fucking time. Sorry for the leave of absence, but enough of that apologetic crap. Its time to run and hide. We're playing two maps.

Were playing the Palms Centinela map first. Meet at the corner of Walgrove and Lucille. Its a schoolyard just off Venice. Peep it here.

Then we head over to a family favorite... The Gauntlet!

You should know the drill by now. Bring your game face and wear black.
More info @
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