Saturday, November 29, 2008

BOND 11.28 : The Aftermath

Click the image to peep the phots! There aren't many!

I originally had some epic ideas for this aftermath post, but they are all gone. I'm convinced that 30ish is the magic number for BOND runs. Its a great amount of people, but not so many that its ultimate chaos. Thats not to say that I'll ever look down on 75+ turnouts. I'm just saying...

Everything was going smoothly and perfectly until 30 seconds before we started the first run, and the LAPD rolled up on us. Tim and I handled business as usual. The officer was reluctant to let us continue playing, but obliged, citing his concerns that we would generate a "prowler" call, or have some fresh young green police recruit drawing guns on us. He just didn't want to see anyone hurt.

As far as I know, neither of his concerns were justified that night. Both runs went smooth as ice.

In other game related news, I had one of my best nights as a driver. After we picked up a couple of guys early on, our car went on to dominate the "north manchester" run, scoring over 10 catches. David Ra (aka: chump) didnt find or catch a single person. MVP status removed. But thats enough for my personal stories of glory, you all have your own. Someone mentioned a web message board. Would you guys use it if I created one?

And a final note... don't be stupid assholes. I thought the "NO ALCOHOL" rule was for obvious reasons on the main page, but I guess it wasn't.

BOND is a sober game.

If you gotta get drunk or high, then don't come to the game. Save it for the after party or don't come at all. Our dealings with the police, and the continued success of the game hinges on the fact that we do it sober. All the police need to completely end this game is a good excuse. Linking some idiot DUI back to the game is all it will take.

Thanks. The night was great. I had a fucking blast.

Friday, November 28, 2008

11.28 BOND : Update!!!

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for all of you wonderful people who run around with me at night like a bunch of hoodlums. Here's where we're playing this wonderful Friday evening...

Art Meets Religion

Usually its ok to park in the Otis Lot, but since the school is closed for the holiday the lot might not be open. If that is the case, swing over to the BACK lot of Ralphs. Theres a marker on the Google map page. Its like a block away, you'll see people at one place or the other. From there we'll move to...

North Manchester

We'll regroup at the end Church, and make a quick jog across the street for the next run.

Forecast looks clear, but perhaps a bit chilly. Be prepared for some old school shit.

See you on the streets.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

11.29 BOND

11.29 BOND, originally uploaded by threeleggedcasey.

This coming Thursday, enjoy the warmth of that traditional yearly feast we lovingly know as Thanksgiving.

Wake up super early the next day to battle humanity for some unadulterated consumer whore debauchery.

Once you've blown your hard earned cash on all the wondrous mega-deals, come run around the darkened streets with a gang of hoodlums.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Maps coming soon. I'm thinking we gonna run near Otis. Thoughts are always welcome.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

BOND : 11.15 The Aftermath!!!

Click it to peep my photos from the night DUH!

As predicted, the newly scouted maps were quite the success. Thanks again to Jeff Mahachai for putting a lot of thought into these maps. As far as I know, everyone had a blast.

Our first mass pileup wipeout occurred no more than 10 seconds into the first run. Flesh met concrete in the ugliest way possible. Later, a massive tank like SUV with riveted spikes terrorized the hapless runners, its occupants hanging out the windows with the look of vengeance in their eyes. Its usually little sedans creeping around! I misjudged the size and complexity of the map and I think everyone would agree that Middleschool Madness needs to have a much tighter time limit. I'll work on that.

I had a fucking blast on the second map. As I had hoped, there was a massive encounter under the 405 at Military. Many unfortunate runners who decided to take it a little too easy at the start of the map met their doom under the brightly lit freeway overpass. Though many others continued on to be delighted by the stretch of abandoned train tracks that offered cover aplenty.

As usual, thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to the regulars who show up constantly. Thanks to those of you who brought a new friend. And thanks to you newbs for trusting us enough to give it a chance! This game doesn't happen without lots of people, and it really means alot to me that you kids keep showing up.

Finally, if anyone has photos they'd like to share, let me know!
My email and AIM are in my profile.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BOND : 11.15 Update!

Thanks to those of you who commented with your suggestions for maps. I've got a couple of new speculative places in the works. We've now got quite a few untested maps. But the big news...

We will be running two brand new maps scouted by Jeff Mahachai. They are going to be pretty fucking badass if you ask me. I'm pretty excited to say the least. Take a look.

Middleschool Madness

We're starting at the corner of Woodbine and Glendon. There should be plenty of streetparking anywhere across the street from Palms Middle on Woodbine. We'll end in a docking bay behind the Vons, regroup, then walk across the street to the next map.

The Overpass (aka : The Dark Railroad)

This map should promise to be intensely atmospheric to say the least.

That'll do it for now kiddos. If you're new to this, or are bringing someone new, make sure they read the rules. Thanks.

See you on the streets.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BOND : 11.15

11.15 BOND, originally uploaded by threeleggedcasey.

And the Lord said, "It shall be done"... and it was done.

Where do you guys want to play? Anyone?
I'm thinking about scouting new maps.
I desire your feedback.

dump 2.0

More stuff that probly would never have seen the light of day otherwise.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 California General Election

Here's how I voted today at the polls. I believe in transparency, and I think everyone should be talking about how they voted and why. So check it out.

If anyone wants to have a post-mortem about any of this political stuff, holler at me.