Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Unurban Cafe 3.0

this fuckin guy was insane. i dunno how i felt about his performance. he played a childrens spelling toy. it coulda been cool, but he didnt take it far enough.

words cannot describe the gentleman on the bottom of this page. he was extremely punkrock.

mark phillips is a regular. tough lookin dude. i need to capture his likeness better. soft spoken asian guy up top was nervous as fuck. he did good.

he had some students that played too. next page is a better likeness.

he had good energy, she was rockin.

this guy was amazing. him and his friend were students of another regular. they were all pretty goddamned insane. i dug.

pixbroad was tryin to get all up in "natural eye patch man" which i didnt appreciate.
clean cut friend on the right reminded me of drew welbourne, a pal of mine.

i hated this guy. he was a "funny" guy. pix loved his shit. thats her btw.

dude on bottom was super nervous. first timer on paino. i dug his groove.

guy on top hosts the show i believe. hes tight. super laid back. guy on bottom was accompanying him.

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allie said...

nice! bloggity blogs. Natural eye patch and friend hit me up for the drawings, I sent them to your blog too. blogblog