Saturday, June 27, 2009

BOND : 06.27 - The Maps!!!

Shit guys, I'm really sorry about the last minute fuckup. I physically scouted the maps in person at like 3:30 am yesterday, and found the police station. I feel like an idiot... Instead, heres whats up.

First, The Gauntlet... backwards!

We're meeting up in the Whole Foods Lot across from our regular endpoint. Check the map for a little icon. Don't miss it! Then we'll move on to...

The Airduct

I finally got around to scoping it out in person, and after a few minor tweaks, I think its going to be really fun. We'll cross the street from the gauntlet, regroup, end get underway.

Again be sure to look at the little icons on the map. Theres some important info you won't want to miss. Be prompt motherfuckers. Lets try to start before 11 tonight huh?

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