Friday, December 11, 2009

BOND : 11.28 : The Aftermath


Sorry about the delay. Peep the phots and read carefully!

Our super last minute special edition 'college kids are home' BOND went really well with a couple exceptions...

First, for reasons I won't get into too deeply I had to specifically get the group together and REANNOUNCE that BOND is a SOBER game. I'll say it again...


I hate to be the big stupid bitch thats gotta talk down to everyone, but I kid you fucking not... if I see, hear, or find out about people drinking or doing any other drugs before or during the game, you will be fucking banned for life.

Second, someone who has been to BOND a few times now flipped out as I was going over the rules and basically assaulted one of my good friends. WTF. I had to stop everything and call everyone over to say "this is a friendly environment". What cornball shit.

Keep your bad attitude at home. I don't give a fuck if you think you are "teaching someone respect" by being a dick head. If you're going to come and start shit with people by verbally or physically assaulting them, you will not be welcomed back. So, whoever knows the old dad of the really young kids who've been coming, let him know he is no longer welcome. If he shows up, hes gonna be asked to leave.

Both of these things fall under what I consider good sportsmanship for the game.

Do some research people.

Other than that, the night was great! The Airduct backwards was really fun! Only 2 people made it to the end (veteran Jeff Mahachai and the UCLA guy whos name is slipping my mind at the moment). Palms/Centinela backwards was also great, but this time the newbie chaseteams had it rough. Only a handful of people got tagged.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Get ready for the last game of BOND of 2009. It's coming up.


The Pancake Master said...

I love.


allie said...

yeah, that old man was crazy as fuck. way to set an example for your fucking 12 year old kids.... dick