Thursday, March 5, 2009

BOND 02.28 : The Aftermath

Shit was real. Another perfectly executed evening of good ole fashioned clean fun. 50+ fools turned out to join the run. A great number to be sure, but I was a little surprised by the demographic. The age range skewed much lower than we're all used to. I'd say we were looking at about 70% under 18. I have no problem with this, I'm just saying.

And another thing, we're usually about 50% first timers. But I'd say we were at least 75% complete newbs this evening. Again, not a problem, it just changes the way the night plays out.

As usual, I heard lots of complaining about camping and wah wah wah. I didn't see too much weird shit going on. I even pulled my car over in the last 5 minutes of both maps so there wasn't too many cars circling the end point. Anyone have any ideas to eliminate the bullshit?

All in all, it was a solid night, and I think everyone had a good time.

Whats next?!

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