Thursday, April 23, 2009

BOND : 04.25

Sorry for the silence... I'm blowing it.

Some of you have heard that we're doing a special edition BOND run this month. I told a few people we were heading to where it all began. This is rubbish. Not quite enough time to get the word spread properly, I need just a little bit more to be fully prepared.

This month were gonna be local, playing some of the classic Mar Vista maps. I'll announce the specifics by Friday I promise.

Next month though... near the end of the month... we WILL be running in San Pedro goddamn it! Stay tuned, and I'll see you on the streets.


allie said...


Maherchandise said...


Maherchandise said...

p.s. CASEY AND ALLIE: the big elbowski is being shown tomorrow (fridgay) at midnight, at the nuart. you guys wanna have a double date with some third wheels?

Unknown said...

Hey, could someone send me directions to the Mar vista map? Thanks.

Whitney Pollett said...

Ok who's responsible for these flyers...this one in particular??!! GAaah!!!

Count me in for the next game! I've never played but I hear good things ;)