Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BOND : 08.01 : Save the Crypt!!!

FUCKING SHIT! I fucked everything up and blew my goal of having one BOND run in every month of 2009. Shit happens. Anyways, its time...

You might notice the theme on this months flyer. If you didn't know already, the Crypt is an apartment where several of our long term BOND running friends live. Its in danger! Sometimes shit gets fucked up, and you have to reluctantly ask for help.

I'm asking you, the loyal BOND community, to rise up to the aid of our friends! Do not let them be put out on the street! Find it in your hearts and your pockets to contribute to the Save the Crypt Fund! We need to raise a ridiculous amount of money, but anything you'd care to give will be more than we have already.

One of the Crypt members, Jeff Mahachai, scouted the maps we'll be playing this Saturday. Show your appreciation for his wonderful addition to the map repertoire, and let him know that we can all count on each other in times of desperate need!

First up, Middleschool Madness.
(EDIT: Meet up at POINT A!!!!!)

(Direct Link - Just in case clicking the map doesn't work)

We'll reconvene and move on to The Overpass.

(Direct Link)

I'll be asking for donations during the rules speech, so don't get all pissy when I start guilt tripping you for money. Rise to the occasion my friends!

... And I'll see you on the streets!

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