Sunday, November 8, 2009

BOND : 11.07 : The Aftermath


Well I'm extremely disappointed in myself... with a cool 10 minutes to make it to the end point of the first map with only a SINGLE BLOCK left to run, I misjudged my surroundings and made a hasty advance right into an oncoming chase team...

As it turns out, my lady PixBroad was driving the MVC of the night. I tried to muscle past, but realizing that the chaser named Bryan Payne (as well as several others) were going to cut me off, I doubled back and booked it hard towards where I came. The alley offered me no easy cover. I tried returning to the finish, but as soon as I turned around I was nabbed. (See the aftermath in the photoset.)

Let this be a lesson, for those of you that think you won't like driving (like Pix), you might just wind up being the Most Valuable Car of the night.

We dealt with angry police officers who weren't interested in talking to anyone. Every once in a while, you run across people who are all business that can't be reasoned with. You're either trespassing, or there's minors out after curfew. Regardless, since everyone kept themselves under control we didn't upset any of LA's finest, and we're able to run two more maps after we we're originally told to disperse.

The third map back to Bristol farms was lacking energy, but there were a couple of great moments that made it worth it for me. One young girl gave one of the best chases I've had the pleasure of being a part of. She was switching back and forth, and dodging 5 chasers at a time. She ran into a light pole, grabbed it with both arms running full speed ahead, and used it to swing herself around 180 degrees and run off back behind the 3 chasers that were running without slowing herself down. She kept going until the last possible moment. It was epic.

Tons of photos from the night, hopefully some of them you enjoy. Theres little bits and bobs and stories scattered throughout, so go enjoy!


cornycorn said...

I was so disappointed when I got caught. But I turned out double teaming with someone to tag casey and ending up in the MVC!

SBright33 said...

Challenging new Geocache Puzzle near the Bond maps!