Saturday, April 3, 2010

S.A.D. p080

Last Saturday, I went to Salvation Mountain with a bunch of the gang. It was a great fucking trip with a great group of people. If you haven't been, I'd strongly urge you to make it out there to chill for a cool minute. Its a great "folk art" site, and theres a really rad hot springs close by.

I just got a geotracker, and this was the first trip I used it on. But the fucking battery died before we got off the road, so most of it was wasted on drive photos.

Unfortunately, the bundled software overwrites important EXIF data in the original photos. Thus my delay in getting these fucking photos up. Not like you guys give a hoot! Enjoy the set!

UPDATE : Try this link to a map with my salvation photos. Still tryin to figure out the best way to integrate this stuff and show you all the goods. Feedback is appreciated!

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