Saturday, March 20, 2010

S.A.D. p069

Wait... just where exactly in the fuck is my little brother?! I just had a nice 90min catchup conversation with the little 18 year old fucker, a SAW gunner in the 82nd Airborne Army Division, and finally asked him his location.

If you wanna see some context, check out Al Asad Airbase on Google Maps. Zoom in, you can see tons of helicopters and stuff. Pretty gnarly.

He assures me that he and his fellows are in no danger whatsoever, but I must still say, stay safe out there boys.


The Pancake Master said...

Is that that one tiny blonde kid who looks like he's 11 and video-taped all those shows at the Abomination or whatever?

Casey Hunt said...

ha ha ha!
No thats my littlest brother Ethan.
Erik is in Iraq.
but thats good shit, and dead on