Saturday, February 6, 2010

S.A.D. p027

Back to Sunken City! January 3rd 2010!

Ok so look, the thing is... I've got TONS of photos. I'm not a photographer or anything, but I really like to shoot. Its mostly for my memory so I don't forget all the good times I'm having. The problem is after I upload them to my comp, they just sit there in media catalogs. Thus why I post so many photos here. I'm trying to do SOMETHING with them!

After this set, I'm more or less caught up with 2010's stuff. My plan is to stay on top of it, and get shit posted as it happens. No more waiting 3 years to post shots.


Lynn said...

Was this the place we went to when I came to visit a LONG time ago? Yeah, yeah, I know, I haven't been out there lately... umm, but wondered if this was the same place that we climbed down that huge cliff area and ended up at the ocean with all the cool rocks.

No wonder you liked the ghostbuster graffiti- it reminded me of you when you were around 4 years old and all you did was run around singing ghostbusters and acting like one... he he he. You'd watch that movie 24/7. I'd worry what would become of you... and look at you. You make me proud.

Casey Hunt said...

haha. awwwww. how sweet.
I can't remember if you visited here or not. It was most likely point dume.