Monday, February 1, 2010

S.A.D. p022

Comic Con is a fucking great adventure. I've been every year since maybe even 2005? I don't remember exactly. Here's the phots I never posted from 2008's con. Some friends and family were in town, and we all carpooled down there and got nuts.

Within a few years, I hope to be proactive and have a booth down there with my buds @ Three Legged Legs. Woo hoo.

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ritabook said...

Dude I was so lame at Comic Con but I know if I go again I would be all over that Shit. I wish I knew what I knew now then...(ugh?) Anyway Regardless of my belly aching I had a good time and I'm really glad I got to go. Hope you get a booth someday and mine will be right next to yours :)