Friday, June 19, 2009

BOND : 06.27

It is time goddamn it.

I owe you guys a follow up and pics from last months Ground Zero run. Thats coming soon, but for now lets look towards the future!

Lots of things going on that are exciting little ole me. I've succumbed to the darkside and joined facebook. Theres an official BOND group that I hope will enrich the community as a whole. It's an open network, so get over there and join.
BOND on Facebook

You also might notice that I've registered Its a husk of a site right now, but things may eventually get more legit over there. For now this is still the place to be.

If you kids have any other "fresh" ideas for furthering the BOND cause, shoot them at me.

Maps to come next week.
See you on the streets!


Jose said...

Make some black Bond tshirts man. Shit would be dope.

Casey Hunt said...

hah. shiiiit. believe it or not ive had it on my brain for a minute. i need an iconic design i think. or something super simple, like just the BOND logo.

maybe ill whip some shit up and have a vote.