Thursday, September 13, 2007

BOND: Sept 22

If you've played the game with us before... you can skip this bullshit and go straight to the maps!

BOND is an extremely intense, adrenaline pumping, action packed, fright filled take on the classic kids game “hide n seek”. The group of players starts at a predetermined meeting point. The objective is for the runners to get from Point A to Point B under the time limit, without being tagged. Heres the twist... the chasers are driving cars.

Each car starts with a pair of chasers; the driver and the passenger. The drivers function is obvious, use the cars speed to easily chase down the runners. The passenger's duty is to hop out and tag them. When you are tagged, you get into the car and become a chaser as well. If the chaser car is good, pretty soon it will be filled to capacity. The next person they see is gonna be chased down by 5 people at a time.

It gets intense. As a runner, you've got to cover about a mile of ground. As you will see on the maps, were playing in mostly residential neighborhoods. Everything is fair game except backyards and hopping fences. Its only fun if the cars have a chance to spot you. Basically, stay on the roads.

Thats pretty much the gist of it. The rules will be covered extensively on the night of the run. Theres only one major rule everyone needs to know before hand.


This should be obvious as there is a heavy and required element of driving involved in the game. We have been hassled by the cops before, but since no one was drinking, they actually let us continue playing. The game itself arouses suspicion in home-owners as well (30 kids running around in black ninja masks, being rundown by screeching tires... cmon). Theres a good chance people may even call the cops. Plus, were talking about everyones safety here.


Thanks for reading. Best be assured, this game is fucking intense. You'll be sweating pure adrenaline.

And now for the maps!

Were playing at least 2 games on these 2 maps.

Be at the rendezvous point on the first map at 9:30PM.

Peep the first map here.
GoogleMaps #1

After the first game, we will switch drivers and start from the end point of the previous maps.

Peep the second map here.
GoogleMaps #2

Send your friends a link to this page. The more the merrier.
Good old fashioned old school fun.
Wear black.

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