Friday, September 28, 2007

09.22 BOND : the aftermath


Thanks to everyone who came out. We had a solid crew of about 40 when the night started. It was awesome seeing the returning faces, it feels like we've got a few solid regulars. But it was also badass how many damned NEWBIES there were! It was seriously like 3/4 people who hadn't played.

Shit was super tight. I think everyone had a good time. All I can say is thanks for coming. Seriously. Thats all I'm gonna write for now. Everyones got their own stories to take away from the night. Click on the image above to go to my limited Flickr slideshow of the evening. Theres a few anecdotes there, as well as some links to more photos from the night.

Everyone who gave me their email is on the BOND mailing list, so youll know about the next game. If you didn't gimme your contact info, but made it here, PLEASE EMAIL ME! Planning for next months game is in the works, don't miss out.

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